Madelia Public Schools
320 Buck Ave SE, Madelia, MN  56062
Tel #: 507-642-3232
Fax #: 507-642-3622
We are proud of our students, families, and staff at Madelia Elementary! We offer a comprehensive curriculum supplemented with many opportunities for our students. Our priority is to develop students as leaders while keeping families informed and involved. We prepare students to meet an ever changing world by stressing basic reading and math skills. Our students display confidence and proficiency when solving problems and discovering solutions.

Our goal: Academic success for all students!

Madelia Elementary
121 East Main Street
Madelia, MN 56062
507 642-3234

Contact: Carol Wrightson
 Madelia Public Schools
320 Buck Ave. SE, Madelia, MN  56062  
Phone : 507-642-3232  
Fax : 507-642-3622