Madelia Public Schools
320 Buck Ave SE, Madelia, MN  56062
Tel #: 507-642-3232
Fax #: 507-642-3622
Madelia High School Offers:
  • Core curriculum classes in Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts 
  • Advanced classes in Anatomy, Advanced Biology, Physics, and AP Calculus
  • Required Physical Education and Health Curriculum as well as Physical Education Electives
  • Courses in Agricultural Science, Computer Technology and Business
  • English Langauge Learners and Special Education Services
  • Humanity Electives: Instrumental and Choral Music, Visual Arts, and Spanish
  • Opportunity for high school students to earn college credits


 Madelia Public Schools
320 Buck Ave. SE, Madelia, MN  56062  
Phone : 507-642-3232  
Fax : 507-642-3622