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 Madelia Public Schools
320 Buck Ave SE, Madelia, MN  56062
Tel #: 507-642-3232
Fax #: 507-642-3622

The School Aged Childcare at Madelia Elementary is now open.
Please see the tab above or call the elementary office for more information.

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Our goal is to provide valuable information about our schools. Madelia is located on the Watonwan River in south central Minnesota.
Located 100 miles southwest of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro area at the intersections of Minnesota Highway 15 and 60,
Madelia is easily accessible from all parts of the state and midwest region.


The Madelia Public Schools consist of two schools:

Madelia Elementary (Grades VPK-6) and Madelia High School (Grades 7-12).
Madelia Health and Safety Annual Notification 

Madelia Public Schools Annual Health and Safety Notification

Madelia Public Schools, in accordance with the Federal Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), continues to implement an E.P.A. approved asbestos management plan.  This plan has been developed to identify and manage asbestos containing materials within ISD #837 buildings.  ISD #837 approaches this issue in a safe and proactive manner to ensure the health and safety of students, staff and other building occupants.

If you have questions regarding the district’s asbestos management plan, it is on file in the district office and is available for public viewing during normal district business hours.  Should you have questions regarding this information please contact the
Madelia Public Schools District Office at 507-642-3232.


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
Madelia Public Schools ISD #837 in coordination with the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have developed an indoor air quality management plan.  A factor of the IAQ management plan is the following yearly correspondence to all district residents on the status of IAQ issues within the district. IAQ related activities have occurred on an annual basis, as recommended by the EPA and MDE such as teacher surveys, building walkthroughs, building maintenance surveys and ventilation checks.

Throughout the upcoming year ISD #837 will continue to respond to IAQ concerns in a proactive manner to ensure the health and safety of students, staff and building visitors.  Anyone with questions should contact the Madelia Public Schools District Office @ 507-342-3232


Pest Management
Notice Concerning Use of Pesticides

All Minnesota schools are required to inform parents/guardians and school employees that they may request to be notified prior to pesticide applications on school property.  Pesticides include chemicals which are used to control insects, weeds, rodents or other pests as defined by the law. (M.S. 123B.575, Subd.9)

Pests having the potential to sting, bite, contaminate, cause property damage, spread disease, cause asthma and/or trigger an allergic reaction.  Therefore, we must prevent and control them.  Our district utilizes the service of a licensed, professional pest control firm for the prevention and control of pests in and around district buildings and grounds.  All pest control materials are chosen and applied according to Federal law.

Because long-term health effects on children from the application of such pesticides or the class of chemicals to which they belong may not be fully understood, the district requires the least amount and least toxic pesticides available be used.

Madelia Public Schools utilizes a licensed, professional pest control service for the prevention and control of rodents, insects and other pest in and around the district’s buildings.  Their program consists of:

1)            Inspection and monitoring to determine whether pests are present, and whether treatment is needed.
2)            Recommendations for maintenance and sanitation to help eliminate pests without the need for pest control materials
3)            Utilization of non-chemical measures such as traps, caulking and screening.
4)            Application of EPA-registered pest control materials when needed.

An estimated schedule of interior pest control inspections and possible treatments is available for review or copying at each school office.  A similar estimated schedule is available for application of herbicides and other materials to school grounds.  Parents of students may request to receive, at their expense, prior notification of any application of a pest control material, should such and application be deemed necessary on a day different from the days specified in the schedule.

To make such a request, please fill out a request form at the District office. Any questions you may have regarding the ISD #837 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program or practices should be directed to Madelia Public Schools District Office @ 507-642-3232.

 Madelia Public Schools
320 Buck Ave. SE, Madelia, MN  56062  
Phone : 507-642-3232  
Fax : 507-642-3622
Email: info@madelia.k12.mn.us