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Announcements 9/14/21
Madelia High School Announcements 5
September 14, 2021
Today is B day.
Italian Hot Dish, garlic toast, salad bar, fruit, millk

General Announcements:
Reminder to Juniors and Seniors to turn in their permission slips to Mrs. Crow for Saturday’s field trip to the Renaissance Festival.
Please excuse the following students at 1:00pm today.
Isaac Bergeman, Ella Bergeman, Ryan Koberoski, Josiah DeMaris, Tate Becker, Cross Schmidt, Tony Zaleski, Oden Lehman
Students in 8th and 10th-12th grades, please respond to the survey sent by Ms. Kelley if you are interested in being a class officer/student council member. 
The Booster Club will be selling clothing at the volleyball game Tuesday evening and the Football game Friday evening. Everything should be set up by 5:30-6:00.  We have lots of new merchandise for men and women!
Homework Help at night starts Wednesday, September 15th, at 7:00 pm and will go to 9:00 pm. in Ms Caldwell’s room 115.  Enter through the WEST parking lot door.  These  sessions will run Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. This help is also available on-line via the link through Google Meet.   Meet link
After School Homework Help in Bergeman’s room will begin Monday, September 13. The sessions will run from right after school until 4:00pm Monday-Thursday.
FFA meeting on Wed, September 15th during BHT in the Ag room.
M-Club members, we need more people to help during the B-squad and Varsity Volleyball games tonight. See Ms. Sackreiter to sign up.
ECFE is looking for a student to assist teachers in evening classes on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 6:15-7:15pmbeginning Sept. 20. This is a paid position. If you are interested and want more information, please contact Traci Henry via email
Dress Code reminder: Listed below is the school’s dress code. Please remember that you are responsible for following the dress code, even when the weather is warm!
No caps or outdoor jackets/coats worn in the building after the beginning of the school day and prior to dismissal for the day.
No offensive tee shirts or articles of clothing that promote violence or that is vulgar.
No short skirts or shorts – length must be at the end of the student's fingertips.
No low-cut tops that expose excessive cleavage/chest.
Tops/shirts/blouses should cover all undergarments, including bra straps.
No backless tops or shirts (i.e. that do not cover the back entirely).
No see-through clothing.
No short tops that would result in bare midriffs.
No halter or tube tops.
No spaghetti-strap tops.  Straps must be at least ½ inch wide.
Pants, shorts and skirts shall not be worn in a manner that results in exposed undergarments.  Pants waist line are not to be worn below the hip level and shall not drag on the ground.
Students are expected to wear shoes at all times in the building for both hygiene and for safety reasons.
Clothing and jewelry must not promote tobacco products, alcohol, marijuana, or other chemicals.
No dangerous or unsafe articles.
Any other items deemed inappropriate by the administration.
Split Lunch Schedule-
First Lunch (144)- Geography, English 7, Algebra 8, Science 7, Geometry, Sr. High Band, Math {Berg}, Study Skills {Berg}, English {Degner}

Second Lunch (128)- World History, PE 10, Spanish 1, American Lit., Business Law, Sculpture, Study Hall, Math {Wrightson}, Study Skills {Wrightson}, Online Course Students {Library}

Joke of the Day:
How do you get a farm girl’s attention?

4:00pm    Cross Country Running: Boys Varsity Meet M/T/ML/GHEC vs. Norwood Young America  @  Norwood-Young America  Dismissed at 1:00 Bus leaves at 1:10
4:30pm     Volleyball: Girls Jr. High Match vs. Alden-Conger  @  Alden-Conger High School Dismissed at 2:50
4:30pm    Volleyball: Girls C Match vs. Alden-Conger  @  Madelia High School
4:30pm    Volleyball: Girls 7/8 Match vs. Alden-Conger  @  Alden-Conger High School 7th - 4:30 pm, 8th - 5:30 pm
5:00pm    Soccer: Girls Varsity Match vs. New Ulm  @  Mankato Loyola / Good Counsel Campus  JV match 5:00 Dismissed at 2:05 leaves at 2:15
5:45pm    Volleyball: Girls B Match vs. Alden-Conger  @  Madelia High School
6:45pm     Soccer: Boys Varsity Match vs. New Ulm  @  New Ulm High School JV match 5:00 Dismissed at 2:05 leaves at 2:15
7:00pm    Volleyball: Girls Varsity Match vs. Alden-Conger  @  Madelia High School
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