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Elementary Principal


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Mrs. Brooke Will was born and raised in the Nashville, Tennessee area, where most of her family still resides. Brooke received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Quincy University and later pursued her passion for education by earning a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Her dedication to educational leadership further led her to attain a Specialist’s degree in Educational Leadership and K-12 Administration, also from Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Brooke’s journey in education began as a dedicated third-grade teacher in Illinois, where she laid the foundation for students’ learning experiences. Continuing her commitment to education, she transitioned to Mankato, Minnesota, where she took on the role of a fifth-grade teacher for 4 years at Jefferson Elementary, further enriching her teaching experience.

Driven by a desire to empower educators and students, Brooke embraced a new role as a mentor and instructional coach with Mankato Area Public Schools. For three rewarding years, she shared her expertise and supported the growth of fellow educators.

Today, she is proud to serve as the administrator of Madelia Elementary School, where she continues to shape the future of education and champion excellence in teaching and leadership. Her diverse experiences in the field have equipped her with the skills and passion needed to make a meaningful impact on the education system.

Mrs. Will is dedicated to fostering a nurturing and innovative learning environment, empowering educators, and shaping the leaders of tomorrow.