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Mrs. Kathy Schumacher has a degree in K-12 Visual Arts and grades 1-6 in Elementary Education. She graduated from Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD.  Mrs. Schumacher started teaching at MHS in 1999 and has continued to develop the art program through the years. She feels that an art program is a place where students can express themselves by documenting the world as they see it. She would like to help others find their artistic voice by creating memories daily.

The 7th -12th grade art program provides meaningful, hands-on learning, and allows for personal growth and creative expression. Students have the opportunity to make discoveries and think about creative problem solving. The class also provides a broader perception of the environment and a greater understanding of historical and cultural perspectives. This program follows the National Standards for the Visual Arts.

As an artist, Mrs. Schumacher enjoys working with a variety of media. Therefore after taking Introduction to Art, a student may choose from different semester classes to explore different media and materials. The following classes are offered: Drawing, Fiber Arts, Painting, Introduction to Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture and Ceramics. If a student chooses to prepare for a post secondary art education, she provides an Art Portfolio class to create a portfolio for art admission to the student’s choice school.